Puran Utilities 3.1 Crack + Activation Key Free Download

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Puran Utilities 3.1 Crack + Activation Key Free Download

Puran Utilities Crack

Puran Utilities Crack and the Activation Key for Free Download provide you with an all-inclusive Puran Utilities Crack and an activation key in 2023. I first heard of PC Utilities when further looking for ways to clean my computer. When looking for utilities, I came across the name Puran Utilities License Key. I downloaded Puran Utilities Pro and tried its free version, which has limited features.

I loved it immensely and chose to purchase the premium version. However, I do not have the money to purchase this. Therefore, I began trying to crack the premium version. I tried a variety of search terms on Google for things like “Puran utility License key,” “Puran Utilities Activation Key,” “Puran Utilities Keygen,” “Puran Utilities Free Download,” Puran Utilities Crack.” After a few hours, I could not find a better version to download. After much effort and discussions with my code experts, I made an image of the Puran Utilities Full Version. Here is the Puran Utilities Crack that I created with you.

Puran Utilities Crack:

Puran Utilities is a professional and extremely efficient tool for optimizing your system. With this software, you can evaluate your system in various ways and fix it. The tools are included in the rest of the article. Puran Utilities is an application utilized to complete cleaning, maintenance, and optimizing tasks for Windows operating system computers. In Puran Utilities there is no cost for system optimization and maintenance. Puran Utilities Crack Serial Key includes a variety of tools and utilities. In the suite, you can find uninstallers and defragmenters and look for errors on your hard drive, an empty folder searcher, a history cleaner for browsing, and a registry cleaner. 

Registry defragmenter allows you to permanently erase files to ensure that you can’t recover them. The Puran utility program is compatible with Windows XP, 2003, 2008, Windows XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 operating systems in 64-bit and 32-bit versions. The executable in Puran Utilities Activation Key is 8.80 Mb and does not consume the computer’s resources. Utility Software is designed to assist in the analysis, configuration, and maintenance of a computer. 

Puran Utilities Crack

However, utility software is often an element of the application system. For instance, the batch task could use user-written software to update the database. It could also comprise a step that runs an application that backs up databases. Alternatively, Puran Utilities Crack with Keygen could run a program to compress the disk before copying files. Even though a basic set of utility software is typically included in the operating system (OS) and, as such, this first-party utility software is typically thought of as part of the OS, the users frequently install other utilities or replacements. These utilities can provide additional tools to perform tasks beyond the capabilities available to the operating system.

Technical Information:

Parameter Value
Title Puran Utilities 3.1
Version V 3.1
File size 10.2 MB
Category System Utility
Language English
License Info Fully Activated
Download Provider Prosoftwarez


Types of Puran Utilities:

System Utilities:

  • Anti-virus programs scan computers for viruses and then block or eliminate them.
  • Clipboard managers extend the functionality of clipboards in operating systems.
  • Computer access control software approves or denies access to the system’s resources.
  • Debuggers usually allow the inspection and alteration of data and instructions for programs stored in memory and on disk.
  • Diagnostic programs of Puran Utilities Crack Full Version are designed to determine and report the operating status of the computer’s equipment and programs. Memory testers are an example.
  • Network utilities assess the connectivity of your computer to networks and network settings.
  • You can configure the network’s settings to check data transfer or record events.
  • Package managers help set up, install, or update other software installed on a computer.
  • Registry cleaners help clean and optimize your Windows Registry by removing old registry keys that have been removed from use.
  • System monitors monitor the resources and performance in a system.
  • System profilers give precise details on the hardware and software installed.

Storage Device Management Utilities:

  • Backup software creates copies of the information on a hard drive and restores the entire disk (aka Disk Cloning) in case of a disk failure or a few files that were accidentally deleted or damaged.
  • Undeletion tools are often more efficient.
  • Disk checkers scan the operating hard drive and check for logical (filesystem) and physical faults.
  • Disk compression tools transparently compress and uncompress the contents of disks to increase their capacity.
  • Disk defragmenters locate the contents of computer files scattered across multiple places on the hard drive and combine the fragments into a homogeneous space.
  • Disk cleaners format a storage device like a solid-state drive, hard disk, Floppy disk, or USB flash drive to be used for the first time. You may also like Hypersonic 2 Full Crack
  • They can be employed to erase the entire device permanently.
  • Disk partition editors break down one drive into multiple virtual drives, each having the file system it can use in the OS and then treated as a separate drive.
  • Disk space analyzers give an overview of disk space consumption by calculating the size of each folder (including subfolders) and the files contained in each drive or folder. Puran Utilities Crack Latest Version also shows the distribution of utilized space.
  • Initializers for tapes write labels to a magnetic cassette or another magnetic medium. Initializers are for DECtape-created blocks on the video.

File Management Utilities:

  • Archives produce a stream of data or a single file when provided with a directory or a collection of files. Archive suites can contain encryption and compression capabilities.
  • Certain archive software has an unarchive utility that it can use for reverse operations. One of the most common types of archive format used is zip files.
  • Cryptographic tools encrypt and decrypt streams and files.
  • Data compression software outputs a smaller stream or a smaller file when supplied with the track or file.
  • Data conversion tools convert the contents of a source document to a different format, like converting text files to PDF files.
  • Data recovery software is used to retrieve data that is good from damaged files.
  • Data synchronization software ensures the consistency of the data coming from sources to the data storage target and the reverse. There are a variety of kinds of this utility:
  • Software for synchronizing files maintains consistency among two different sources.
  • You can use them to create redundant or backup copies, but they are also utilized to aid users with carrying their digital photos, music, and videos on smartphones.
  • Revision control tools can create an orderly structure in which several users edit an identical file simultaneously.
  • Disk cleaners locate files that are not needed for computer operations or consume a lot of space.
  • File comparison software of Puran Utilities Crack with Torrent provides the ability to find distinctions between files.
  • File managers offer a simple method for managing data, recovering emails, and managing tasks like cataloging, deleting, renaming, moving, merging, copying, setting write protection status, granting access to files creating and editing the data set folder.

Miscellaneous Utilities:

  • Data generators (e.g., IEBDG) generate a test data file following the specified patterns.
  • Hex editors directly modify the data or text of files without regard for the file’s format. They can be files of software or data.
  • HTML Checkers validate HTML code and verify hyperlinks.
  • Setup or installation Puran Utilities is used to start or set up programs, typically applications, to be used in a specific environment. Additionally, there are Uninstallers.
  • Patching utilities alter files, particularly object programs, if the program’s source is unavailable.
  • Screensavers block phosphor burn-in plasma and CRT computer monitors.
  • Sort/Merge applications arrange the files (lines) of the file in a predetermined sequence.
  • Standalone macro recorders allow the use of keyboard macros in programs that don’t have native support for this feature.

Key Features:

  • Checking disks ( CHKDSK ) allows retrieving bad sectors from the hard disk
  • Puran Utilities Crack Free Version is the best App Uninstaller
  • Start manager allows users to uninstall programs from Windows startup
  • Disk cleaner that can find and remove junk files being customizable
  • Empty folder locater, which can quickly locate and remove the folders that have no data from our system
  • Fix shortcuts
  • A Registry cleaner
  • A registry defragmenter
  • Duplicate File Duplicate File
  • Data recovery tools assist us in recovering data from damaged media, such as DVDs, VCD, and VCD.
  • Permanently delete files so that they are not able to be found
  • Timer for shutdown to schedule the shutdown of the system.
  • Cleansing the history of multi-apps and the Web

Puran Utilities Crack

  • Service Manager is a way to monitor the system’s processes and services that are in use.
  • It helps you to repair issues, repair bad sectors on your disk with the “chkdsk” command.
  • It assists you in removing software you don’t need or software you can’t remove without difficulty.
  • It assists you in disabling or enabling Windows startup options. It helps you make the right choice to do this in various ways.
  • Helps you to enable/disable Windows services. It helps you decide in a variety of ways.
  • It helps you to locate and remove junk files on your computer. It can be highly customized too.
  • Aids you in eliminating unneeded folders off your computer. It’s very quick.
  • It helps you to fix or remove broken shortcuts.
  • Aids you in cleansing the Windows registry to ensure better performance.
  • Aids you in defragmenting and compressing the Windows registry to improve performance.


  • It can recover deleted or lost files and folders in one way or another.
  • Simple interface
  • Completely
  • You can customize the filter feature to will make your search simpler.


  • Only available only for Windows OS
  • The process of deep scanning can be quite long
  • The free version is limited to personal use only.
  • Updates have not been made since the year 2016. the user interface appears a bit out of data.

Best Premium Features:

  • It helps you defragment and improve your HD disk drive speed.
  • Puran Utilities Activation Code 2023 assists you in identifying the duplicates on your PC. It’s extremely adjustable and swift.
  • It can help you retrieve damaged media data, such as DVDs, VCDs, or BLU Rayn.
  • Aids you in retrieving erased files on your disk pen drive and memory card. In essence, any storage medium.
  • It assists you in analyzing the specifics of the distribution of files on your PC. It’s highly customizable.
  • It helps you build the Gaming Environment on your PC to allow your games to run at the best possible experience.
  • It assists you in erasing your files permanently, so any software can’t restore them.
  • Puran Utilities Crack Code allows you to clean up your disk or free up space to ensure that it will delete no data.
  • It aids you in planning different shutdown tasks. Numerous scheduling options are offered.
  • Aids you in splitting any document into files with a certain size.
  • Puran Utilities License Key with Crack aids you in deleting your history and other information from different apps, such as web browsers.
  • Aids you in shutting down and reopening all identified processes on your computer with one click.
  • It helps you to ensure that your system is clear of errors and clean by running the appropriate applications.
  • It Aids you in running specific programs in a specific order to ensure you get the most performance out of your computer.

What’s New:

  • Version 1.0 Puran Utilities Crack with a collection that includes more than twenty software utilities, including Puran Defrag, which was released.
  • Version 1.0.2 Puran Registry Cleaner is upgraded to 1.1 and now supports Registry Backup before fixing.
  • Puran Registry Cleaner is upgraded to 1.2 and has been made more cautious to ensure more secure use.
  • Version 1.0.4 A few minor bug fixes
  • Bug fixes, minor changes, and Puran File Recovery are included.
  • A significant and highly recommended update with improvements to nearly every included application.
  • Version 3.1 Minor Updates, now compatible with Windows 10 now.

System Specifications:

  • RAM: 128 Mb
  • Processor Intel 1.7 1 GHz or greater
  • Installation: 8.81 Mb
  • HDD Space: 15MB

How Do I Register & Crack New Version?

  • Uninstall the previous version by IObit Uninstaller or Advanced Uninstaller
  • Download the latest version from the Below Links
  • Extract the downloaded file by an extractor like (WinRAR or 7-zip)
  • Install the Software
  • Use the Keys Given to License In the text file. You can activate
  • Done! Have fun! Glary Utilities Pro Full Cracked
  • For more content visit Prosoftwarez.

How to Install and Activate Full Tutorial:


License Key:



After more than 15 years of working in Puran Utilities and Puran Utilities Crack, I’m here to provide an objective review of Puran Utilities and Puran Utilities Crack Version. In this post, I will try to clarify Puran Utilities’ positive aspects, mostly about how to utilize the full Version of Puran Utilities Professional. Thanks a lot, dear! To find more content, visit Prosoftwarez.


  1. Is Puran File Recovery safe?

Puran Data Recovery works and is safe; however, some questions may arise when you use it.

        2. What exactly are Puran Retrieving Files?

Puran File Recovery is a tool to retrieve lost or deleted files and partitions. You can save files from formatted disks as well. You can scan almost everything identified as drives by Windows regardless of the file system.

        3. Does Puran File Recovery completely free?

Puran File Recovery is a cost-free program for recovering files. Puran File Recovery could be an excellent choice if you require to retrieve deleted or lost files because the disk scans are fast, and the program is simple to use.

       4. Can you retrieve deleted images permanently?

There’s no way to retrieve permanently deleted images or videos that have been thrown out of the garbage.  You’ll require backup services such as Google Photos, Google Drive one drive, and another local backup to retrieve your deleted files. You can use the backup anytime to access deleted files and photos.

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